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There are two types of models: fashion models and commercial print models.

Fashion Models
The fashion model is of a specific body type and is able to meet the strict requirements put forth by clients and designers. While it is true that there are a few supermodels and models that are able to secure representation with training, most will agree that classes with a reputable modeling school is the best place to start.  Modeling pays really well, oftentimes better than an attorney. To earn that kind of money, you simply must know what you are doing. Classes in runway, photoposing, help with photo shoots etc. help most models begin to work sooner than those without training. Usually a short lived career, the fashion model is sometimes able to travel the world while working. While men usually last longer than women in this fickle industry, women are usually moving on to another industry or area within the Fashion Industry by age 30.

Commercial Print Models
The commercial print model is one who most often models an idea or a product. This type of modeling does not come with an expiration date (meaning models can be of any age). Additionally, you can be any size, shape, race etc. and be a successful commercial print model. Most often not as famous as their fashion counterparts, commercial print models can often make more money due to the longevity of their career. Most models getting into modeling will qualify for commercial print over fashion print.

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