Famous Faces

The Page Parkes Corporation is known the world over for the models and talent that we have developed and/or represented.

Here’s a sample of some of our Alumn:

Alaina Kalanj With credits dating back before 2000, this former PPC Beauty can be found on both the little and big screen. Alaina now lives full-time in LA pursuing her career. Alaina's performances are always gripping and extremely authentic. Keep on the lookout for this rising star!
Alexis Bledel This PPC Graduate's first serious acting gig was on the Gilmore Girls. Alexis' star would not be contained to the small screen as she soon graduated to films. Before heading to NYC to attend college (and landing the Gilmore Girls), this rising star made her mark modeling in the US and in Japan. Alexis may have gotten the audition for the role of "Rory" because she resembled Lauren Graham, but she landed the job because she was "Rory". With film credits including "Tuck Everlasting", "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Sin City", we expect great things from Alexis!
Angelina Jolie Long before this Oscar winner was a "Girl Interrupted", the PPC booked Angelina for her first JC Penney's gig! She's definitely come a long way (baby!) Rapidly becoming a tabloid favorite for her personal life, we hope the public will choose to stay focused on her cinematic contribution as well as her humanitarian works.
Audrey Anderson This former PPC beauty made the transition to the small screen appear effortless. Her television debut on Time & Again was just the beginning. Since then, Audrey has appeared on Providence, Without A Trace and currently stars on The Unit. Oh, and let's not forget her appearance with another Page Parkes Alum (Brent Weber) on Point Pleasant!
Beri Smithers Beri is a well known model that has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, two Elle Covers and countless editorial spreads. Be sure to check back with the PPC for information on the model scouting television project that we are working on with Beri!
Brent Weber The PPC discovered Brent through a local model search. Brent worked as a model before becoming a finalist in the first search for The Making of the Band reality show. Brent decided to pass on this opportunity and head out for Hollywood. It wasn't long before he made his on screen debut in Point Pleasant and a couple of small roles on other shows. Not long after Point Pleasant, Brent landed the role of Sean Montgomery on All My Children.
Brooke Burns This PPC Graduate originally had plans of becoming a Prima Ballerina before a knee injury sidelined her. Brooke decided to attend Model Camp at the Page Parkes Center of Modeling & Acting and her star has continued to rise. Her first booking was a national ad with Matt Dillon! From there, Brooke began to focus on an acting career landing gigs on Baywatch, Dog Eat Dog, Pepper Dennis and in several motion pictures. We couldn't be more proud of Brooke!
Carlos Leon Carlos was discovered by a PPC Booking Agent working out in a gym! Probably best known for his relationship with Madonna, this Miami cutie has had many roles on some of the hottest shows on television. You can bet that you will continue to see more of this talented fella.
Channing Tatum Channing Tatum quickly won over Bookers of the PPC with his quick wit, charm and good looks. After modeling all over the world, Channing made his big screen debut with a small role in Coach Carter. From there he has quickly amassed an impressive resume including, "She's The Man", "Step Up" and "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints". Keep your eye out for Channing...he's far from done!
Charles Divins Charles Divins remains close to his Texas roots. With down-home southern charm and Hollywood good looks, this PPC model/talent has had recurring roles on both Girlfriends and Passions. We can't wait to see what this cutie does next!
Charlize Theron One thing is for certain, the Bookers of the PPC sure have an eye for talent! Placed with the PPC in Miami, we had just sent out materials on this South African beauty when Hollywood came calling! She hasn't looked back. We have a feeling that we haven't seen the best of this Oscar winner!
Djimon Hounsou Born in Africa, this PPC alum modeled around the world before he landed a spot in a Janet Jackson video back in the 1990's. Since then Djimon has a ton of acting credits to his name, not to mention an Oscar nomination! Hugely talented, this man has turned Hollywood on it's ear as he continues to give exhilarating and heart-wrenching performances.
Eric Balfour This PPC alum's face is very well-known and his name is catching up quickly! With credits from television and motion pictures, his range and abilities have made Eric a star to watch!
Greg Vaughan Before landing the coveted role of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, Greg had television credits dating back before the year 2000. This former PPC cutie is best known for his "Michael Douglas" chin - but don't get us wrong, he's HUGELY talented! His convincing performance as a man determined to beat a drug addiction single-handedly was brave and truly authentic (in General Hospital). He truly makes us proud!
Hailey Duff Represented by the PPC in Houston as a child, Hailey was clearly comfortable in front of a crowd. Possessing poise at a young age, we are so pleased at the beautiful and graceful woman Hailey has become! From the small screen in 7th Heaven to Broadway (in Hairspray) her performances allow her generous spirit to shine through.
Hilary Duff Also represented by the PPC in Houston as a child model/actor, Hilary's star potential was evident even then! A true example of parenting done right, Hilary has remained authentic throughout the media storm that has surrounded her celebrity. From Lizzie Maguire to "Cheaper By The Dozen", Hilary has shown her comedic ability. From romantic comedy ("Cinderella Story") to being a multi-platinum recording artist. Hilary has proven she can dominate anything she decides to put her heart into.
Jaime King From the hugely popular model named "James King" to the movie star known as "Jamie King", this versatile talent has risen to the top by overcoming some pretty heavy personal demons. After taking some time off from modeling, this PPC alum emerged as a truly gifted actor. With popular roles in "Sin City" and "White Chicks", James has shown she's not just a pretty face!
Jason Lewis Anyone who has seen Jason in his run as "Smith" in Sex and the City, knows that he is so much more than a pretty face. Starting his modeling career at more of a sprint than a walk, Jason quickly became known the world over for his provocative Calvin Klein billboards and ads. The response that Jason received from his arrival on Sex and the City, ensured that he would remain on the show, but the depth that the PPC alum showed during the run of the role was truly a defining moment in the show's history.
Josh Holloway Josh is another example of Page Parkes Corporation’s talent done good! This alum might have started his career through modeling, but is determined to make people look past his handsome exterior and take him seriously as an actor. Given the performances he’s given on the smash hit LOST, we’d say he doesn’t have anything to worry about!
Kirby Bliss Blanton This young lady (well, not so young anymore but when you have known her since she was 11, it's hard to allow her to grow up), is truly making a name for herself in Hollywood. After several years modeling and studying in Houston, this PPC talent and her mother decided that a move to Hollywood was in Kirby's best interests. Soon after arriving in LA, Kirby began to land roles in Entourage, Zoey 101 and Hannah Montana. It wasn't long before Kirby made the jump to the big screen in "Scar". Keep a look out, you will see more of Kirby!
Lorri Bagley This PPC beauty had a long history as a successful model before Hollywood began to take notice. Modeling world-wide, Lorri was soon cast as the "beautiful woman" in many films. She has had notable roles in "Stepford Wives" and "Ice Age". Her distinctive voice remains popular with animators.
Lucas Babin This PPC grad made heads turn from day one! With his distinctive look and comedic timing, Lucas was a favorite model the world-over before he turned to acting. With roles on several television series and a hilarious part in "School of Rock", Lucas is far from done! Appearing regularly on Latin TV, we can't wait for Lucas to turn his attention back to English speaking roles.
Marcus Schenkenberg Marcus, Marcus, Marcus…what can we say about this Swedish import? Known as one of the most popular "Supermodels" (and one of the only men to hold the distinctive title), this PPC alum has appeared in more magazines and designer collections than we can count. It wasn't long before Hollywood called to Marcus. With his chiseled facial structure and innate sensuality, Marcus remains in demand for both the small and large screens. Keep a look to the sky to watch this star continue to rise and conquer!
Rebecca Romijn With her all American looks and full lips, Rebecca was never content to stay in place for long. After becoming one of the elite "Supermodels", Rebecca proved there was more than looks to her in movie after movie. It wasn't until her role in X-Men, that people began to sit up and take notice. From her turn in Pepper Dennis (with PPC grad Brooke Burns) to the groundbreaking role of "Alexis" in Ugly Betty, Rebecca has proven she can handle both comedy and action with equal aplomb.
Shannon Elizabeth Shannon Elizabeth Fadal was represented by the PPC in both Dallas and Miami. This money-maker always kept her eye on the next phase of her career. Not content to just trade on her beauty, Shannon made the leap to motion pictures in the immensely popular "American Pie" series and hasn't looked back!
Shantel Van Santen This PPC grad combines southern charm with stunning beauty! While modeling in Texas, casting directors began calling on Shantel to audition for roles in shows for The N Network (a division of Noggin) and motion pictures. With talent that comes second nature to Shantel, this Texas native will be on everyone's radar before long!
Shemar Moore When Shemar landed a role on the Young and the Restless, hearts across the nation began to sing! Seriously though, it was readily apparent that Shemar had tremendous talent. Once represented by the PPC, Shemar has appeared in television (Y&R, Criminal Minds) and on the big screen ("Diary of a Mad Black Woman", "The Brothers") among many other roles.
Skye Mc Cole Bartusiak Another PPC child alum, Skye is recognizable from several "meaty" roles including Mel Gibson's daughter in "The Patriot", a young Meg Ryan in "Against the Ropes", and many roles on television including appearances on CSI & House. Immensely talented, Skye's performances have earned her praise from some of Hollywood's toughest critics.
Stephanie Seymour Another PPC alum that ascended to the title of "Supermodel" is Stephanie Seymour. This long-legged beauty was famous long before her romance with Guns & Roses front man, Axl Rose. Stephanie has retired from show business and modeling to raise her children, but is still called upon to "come out and play".
Tyson Beckford Tyson Beckford was one of the first men to be labeled a "Male Supermodel" proving that a man could be as much in demand as some of the women in the modeling world. Known for his shaved head, the PPC alum started the trend among men that "bald is beautiful". Since his meteoric rise in the fashion world, Tyson is now in demand for his acting contributions. Something tells us we haven't seen the best of him yet!
Woody Harrelson One of Page Parkes-Eveleth's favorite stories is of PPC alum Woody Harrelson. Living in Houston in the 1980's, Woody was a bit down on his luck and living in his car. Page, concerned for his well-being, recommended that Woody settle down, get a full-time job and find a place to live. Woody (always one to forge his own path) decided to drive out to Hollywood to make his mark. Within no time, he inspired the role of "Woody" on Cheers for which he would become famous. While the character "Woody" was somewhat dim-sighted, Woody Harrelson could certainly never be called such! With dynamic performances in "Natural Born Killers", "The People V. Larry Flynt" and "Indecent Proposal", Woody has cemented his place among Hollywood's finest actors...and Page couldn't be more proud!
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